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CSACS Annual Meeting: May 8th, 2014

On behalf of the Education & Colloquia Committee, you are cordially invited to the CSACS 12th Annual Meeting which will take place at the McGill New Residence Hall on Thursday. Our Annual Meetings are well attended by over 200 graduate students and faculty members and will include an extended poster session to maximize interaction among members and guests. This year we are very pleased to have Wais Hosseini (University of Strasbourg), Paul van Loosdrecht, Carsten Busse and Klas Lindfors, all three from University of Cologne, among confirmed speakers. Please visit the meeting website for more details, to register and submit your poster abstract.
Classes and Workshops

CHEM 634

For the 2014 winter term , the CHEM 634 will be given once a week on Tuesday from 2:35-5:00 pm, in Otto Maass 328, at McGill U.

Description: A series of research-level seminars about topics of current interest in advanced materials. The focus of the course is at the instrumental methods for preparation and characterization of organic and inorganic advanced materials. This includes new techniques in molecular and atomic imaging (AFM/STM), new methods of synthesis of nanostructured and bio-materials, characterization of surfaces and ultrathin films (surface spectroscopies), advanced polymeric materials, etc. The seminars will be given by guest lecturers (from McGill and outside universities and industries) who are the leading experts in their relevant fields of research.

Everyone is welcome! If you would like to attend some of the lectures and you not registered, you need to send us an email to reserve your spot and specify the date, since the spaces are limited.

Speakers and course notes
Date Speaker Subject Affiliation
Jan. 14 Tomislav Friscic Crystal Engineering of Materials: Aspect of Design, Synthesis and Application McGill-CSACS
Jan. 21 Janine Mauzeroll Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy McGill-CSACS
Jan.28 Mark Cronin-Golomb Optics in Materials, parts 1 , 2 and 3 Tufts U.
Feb. 4 Amy Blum Molecular Electronics McGill-CSACS
Feb. 11 Linda Reven Liquid Crystals McGill-CSACS
Feb. 18 Hanadi Sleiman DNA Nanotechnology McGill-CSACS
Feb. 25 Fiorenzo Vetrone Up-converting Nanoparticles INRS
March 11 Gonzalo Cosa Single Molecule Fluorescence Studies on Conjugated Polymers McGill-CSACS
March 18 Marc Gauthier Macromolecular carriers in drug delivery and targeting INRS
March 25 Dima Perepichka Organic Semiconducting Materials and Devices McGill-CSACS

To see the electronic versions of the covered material from the past please click here .

Seminar Series 2013-2014

Oct. 22/23, 2013 Prof. Amanda Haes University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Nanomaterials for Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy: Is quantitative detection really possible? McGill /UdeM
Oct. 29/30, 2013 Prof. Philip Tinnefeld TU Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany. Single-Molecule Nanophotonics with DNA Origami McGill /UdeM
Nov. 26/27/29, 2013 Prof. Steven De Feyter KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. Nanopatterning of graphite and graphene at the liquid/solid interface via molecular self-assembly: from fundamentals to applications McGill /INRS/Concordia
April 22/23/25, 2014 Prof. Nadrian Seeman New York University, NY, NY. DNA is not Merely the Secret of Life: It's Information Can be Used to Direct Self-Assembly. McGill /UdeM/Concordia
April 30/May 1, 2014 Prof. John Anthony University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. Functional applications of crystalline acenes and heteroacenes UdeM/ McGill
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Self-Assembled Monolayers Biomimetic Interfaces
Polymer Self-Assembly Liquid Crystalline Materials
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