Industrial outreach day

Outreach to Industry and Knowledge. This new event organized by the student committee aims mainly to provide first-hand opportunities for CSACS graduate students and post docs to interact with industry researchers; to benefit from the latest research in the field; and to bring our members even closer to the needs of the industrial community.

26 June 2015

Siqi Zhu

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Our mission is to care for our patients and their families when it matters most.

Andréanne Bolduc

Group NanoXplore Inc.

NanoXplore is a Montreal-based company specializing in the unique science of graphene and its derivative materials.

Marx Ruiz Wilson

Synthèse AptoChem Inc.

Delivers high quality and cost-effective analytical and organic synthesis services backed by an independent quality assurance unit.

4 July 2014

Khalil Feghali

St-Jean Photochemicals Inc

Custom manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the microelectronic, printed electronics, organic solar cell and the imaging industries.

Jean-François Wehrung

Coopérative des eaux

Research and development laboratory in environmental chemistry working in the field of water clean-up.

Eric Landry

Malvern Instruments

Produces materials and biophysical characterization technology that enables scientists and engineers to understand and control the properties of dispersed systems.

Katerina Krumova


Drives innovation from bench to bedside to create a unique translational realm of pharmaceutical development.

20 June 2012

Marco Polverari


Inorganic coagulants and organic flocculants

Khanh-Chi Tran

Lafarge Cement

Building materials

David Troiani


Measurement company

Roger Gaudreault


Paper products composed mainly of recycled fibres

8 July 2010

Maxime Ranger

KABS Laboratories

Pharmaceutical services

François Ravenelle

Thera Technologies

Biopharmaceutical company

David Lessard